Sun and Sand Mason Jar Candle

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Our Sun and Sand Mason Jar Soy Candle is reminiscent of a warm, tropical breeze with aromas of sweet orange flower, lemon, lavender and musk. Perfect for bringing back memories of summer at the beach!!

Available in three sizes and as a wax melt

100% All Natural Soy Wax Candle & 100% All Cotton Natural Fiber Wick

Handmade in the USA

All of our candles are handpoured with love at The Jersey Shore. Each candle is poured into an organically sourced glass mason jar finished off with an all natural fiber twine.

"Our entire product line is toxin-free, free of harsh chemicals or additives and are 100% all natural. We take pride in sourcing plant-based, and organic materials from local sustainable American soy farmers. All candles are paraffin-free and 100% all natural*